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“Drips” Lipstick Fetish Video

Spur of the moment lipstick and liploss fetish clip, including drips.

I was basically sitting here feeling sexually aroused, and decided to utilize my sexual energy into showing you how I apply lipstick and lipgloss in an erotic manner. Very little talking, mostly just sensual lipstick and lipgloss application and showing off my cockpillo… I mean lips.

6:30 minutes

Includes: lipstick fetish, lipgloss fetish, blonde fetish, goddess worship

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MORE Cash in the Mail

After watching “Cash in the Mail,” another of my slaves became all desperate to be the next in line to mail me some tangible MONEY. I told him he’d have to send at least a thousand, so that he doesn’t look stupid next to the last slave that sent me cash. He agreed, and said he’d send the USD in two installments, in order for there to be less of a chance of his getting caught by his wife. I’m like, “whatever, doggie, just send the money.” So here is a video of me opening his two installments, which I received about a week apart. Watching a sexy, voluptuous, blonde Goddess play with all this cash will make your penis hard, and compel you to tribute me, too, knowing that I am much more deserving of your financial assets than you or your very boring family. I mean, let’s be serious now, you NEED to pay me all you possibly can, as often as you possibly can. Being my financial slaves gives you purpose, meaning, intense erections, and incomparable orgasms (when permitted). Watch and be inspired. 9:22 minutes for $20

Includes: financial domination, money mistress, money fetish, blonde fetish

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Goddess Lycia

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