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I tweeted today the following:

I expect to be placed on a pedestal, to be treated as a Goddess, by any and all men who are to be a significant part of my life. In case there was ever a question. It’s just how I am. And I know there are more than enough men who want to treat me as such.

Of course, we all know I am on online Domme, and that I create erotic material for submissive males, suggesting they submit to me, adore me, serve me, and even worship me. I do phone sessions on the same topics. Some of you may know that I also have been involved in my local kink scenes ever since I was of age. I’ve had submissives serve me in person, and have had one long-term relationship with a real time collared slave.

Over the years, I’ve swayed back and forth when it comes to how I’ve labeled myself, and how I’ve identified my sexuality. My likes and dislikes are generally in flux; after all, we are always changing. But I have come to realize that whether I am into men, women, or both, whether I am monogamous or polyamorous, and whether I am topping or bottoming in a kink scene, I am a Femdom Goddess, and demand to be treated as such.

This doesn’t mean I hate men, or see all men as inferior, or that I expect one-sided service and devotion in my relations with all men. I am just as capable of putting a loved one on a pedestal as I am of being placed on one. I can be very giving, most especially with my passion, affection, sexuality, and friendship. But above all, I will NOT allow myself to become intimate with a man who does not constantly treat me like I am one of the most beautiful, amazing people who has ever entered his life, and that he has such immense gratitude for my presence in his life that he never ceases to find new ways to please and honor me.

That is the only type of man I care to hold on to. The rest can find women who are content with being treated as if they are anything less than pure, unexplainable magick.

I am the one who leads the relationship. I make the rules. Yes, your opinion matters, and is taken into consideration, but my word is final. And if you want me close to you, because what I offer is so beautiful you know how badly it would suck to be without me, then you will do what’s best for us all: follow my lead, keep me on my pedestal, and treat me as a Goddess. Want me with the burning desire of a thousand men, because there are at least that many who would jump at the chance to touch me.

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Hey all! Here is an update on my most recent Femdom and fetish releases, as well as some other goodies.

Internet Loser Lifestyle

In this hypnosis session, the submissive is hypnotized to want a life of complete isolation, where he almost exclusively engages in his perversion online. He is conditioned to find it more and more pleasurable to spend all his time alone at his computer, avoiding everything else except work. When he is not working, he is always engaging in his online perversions, leaving his computer for only the most basic necessities like getting food or gas. He will become a complete recluse, and give up anything enjoyable that would cost money. He will be aroused by women making him live a pathetic lifestyle, without any love or companionship, and denied of any and all outside pleasure.

He will strive to live a life totally devoid of all meaning except to interact with online women. It is a behavior modification pathway. First, the sub will accept that he is the most perverted loser imaginable, that no one in real life would want to even communicate with him. He will feel as if he should not talk with women in person, let alone touch them, because he will know he is completely unworthy. On the other hand, he will be addicted to the online dominant women because they will tell him how truly pathetic he is and how much they hate him. Every degrading hateful comment will make his cock hard. He will grow to believe that what they say is true. His only value will be to pay them and suffer for them because he is a complete freak and pervert.

The submissive will learn that he deserves no pleasure other than the hate given by online dominant women. He will begin to eat the cheapest food, perhaps even dog food. He will keep himself nude at his home, and spend only a small amount of money on clothing needed for work. He will live in a dark room with the computer screen as his only light, and only an uncomfortable milk crate to sit on. Every dollar beyond the most basic existence will be spent on dominant women. He will have an assortment of sex toys next to the computer so that the women can command him to suffer at a whim, including huge thick dildos, whips, belts, a chastity device, clothespins, and clamps. He will need to constantly pay and exhibit himself in degrading painful positions, because his life is ruled by online women that hate and abuse him. 26 minutes for $29.99

Listen to sample HERE.

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***If you buy Internet Loser Lifestyle you will not only get my classic audio file Heart Throb included for free, but you will also get my newest lipstick fetish clip “Cum 2 My Lips” included for free! This is a $72 value for $30, Jump on it!***

Or, you can also get the new lipstick fetish clip by itself:

Cum 2 My Lips

This seductive lipstick fetish clip is intended for two types:

1. Those who want to stroke and stroke and stroke while they watch
2. Those who want to suffer a great deal in chastity while they watch

Watch me apply lipstick, purse my lips, make air kissies, and lick my lips while you listen to me tell you how badly you want to cum over and over again. Echo-y vocal effects add to a surreal quality, making you feel like you are being brainwashed to be addicted to my sexy lips.

3:34 mins for $6.99

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Small Penis Traumatization

Emotional manipulation leading to irreversible psychological mortification in regards to your small penis via your immensely sadistic and bratty college crush.

Do you have a small penis? If so, you need to be psychologically destroyed, and I am just the girl to do this to you. You see, I believe that “men” who have small penises are genetically inferior and should never be able to reproduce. It is basically my goal to fuck your head up permanently, so that you will have zero confidence in yourself and will be constantly focused on what a joke you are for having been cursed with a small penis.

The thing is, I am so good at emotionally fucking up men that you will never see it coming. The manipulative tactics I skillfully employ will get you to open up to me fully on a psychological level, which, in turn, will allow me to scar you more deeply and completely. What begins as a flirtatious curiosity becomes a cruel mockery, and eventually turns into completely devastating ego-shred. I will take much joy in your tears, and being that I am your current crush at college, at least you get to provide that.

The mental anguish with which you will suffer for the rest of your life begins tonight at a party we are both attending. I’ll be on the lookout for you, and you won’t even know what’s coming until it’s way too late *kiss*

25 minutes for $29.99

Listen to sample HERE.

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Aside from all of that hot new erotic material, I am also offering packages of vintage Goddess Lycia clips and pics which are no longer available anywhere else online. Check it out:

Vintage Lycia Fetish Clips (Part 1)

Here are 15 fetish clips, ranging from approximately 5-15 minutes long, which are no longer for sale anywhere else online! These clips include erotic hypnosis, brainwashing, smoking fetish, lipstick fetish, foot fetish, fingernail fetish, ass worship, tease and denial, chastity, and more. This is such an amazing deal, jump on it RIGHT AWAY…offered for a limited time only. 135 minutes for $25.


Vintage Lycia Fetish PHOTOS!

Here are 200 extremely sexy fetish photos of Goddess Lycia from before she was a platinum blonde. These images used to be available on her members-only site, which closed down. Pantyhose, stockings, lingerie, latex, pvc, corsets, foot fetish, fingernail fetish, smoking fetish, financial fetish, BDSM, and tease & denial are included in these amazingly hot photos of sensual, voluptuous Goddess Lycia. If you haven’t seen them, you MUST, and if you have seen them, well you *know* it’s time to revisit! 200 photos for $50; buy NOW using the button below!

Way too much awesomeness, right? Enjoy, boyz and gurlz!

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