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Sublime Seduction, Cruel Control

Get ready for your mind and genitals to buzz like never before! This is a highly interactive audio session in which I seduce you every step of the way. The focus will be on a combination of tease and denial and financial domination, so I recommend having your credit card(s) ready, and a very horny penis which hasn’t released in a long time. It is important for you to be as horny as possible and have lots of money to spend for the most intensely tormenting and gratifying experience possible. You will also need to have access to the internet and your Niteflirt account as you listen to this session.

For this session, I summon all my seductive Goddess energy to play with your mind in body in a multitude of ways. Without even knowing it, you will be taken into a trance state, and you will be given instructions on what to view online and how to touch yourself. I will make your crush on me blossom, and cause your craving to obey me become stronger and stronger as I mess with your cute little mind. I will turn you on so much, but will also make you so weak that you know it will be impossible to orgasm without my permission.

You will ultimately find yourself obeying my every command in a lovestruck daze, playing with yourself and handing over more money to me in hopes of being permitted to release. Maybe if you do everything just as I order, you will experience a mind-blowing orgasm unlike any you’ve had before. Or maybe I will leave you denied no matter what, your ballzies blue and aching, and your wallet and bank accounts empty. Regardless of the outcome, you will be head-over-heels for the blonde Goddess who has seduced you beyond your wildest dreams.

Includes: erotic mind control, tease and denial, edging, financial domination, money slavery, love and addiction, light humiliation. 55:47 mins. for $49.99

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Pink Bracelet Dollification

This Femdom hypnosis file will condition you to become a mindless doll whenever you wear both panties and a pink bracelet. You will be programmed so that you must put on your panties and pink bracelet whenever I command you to, and immediately upon doing so, you become an actual doll, just a plaything to be commanded around. I can dress you up, strip you down, put you in any sort of position. You will also always be very acutely aware of what is happening, even though you have no control over it. It will turn you on to be triggered into a state where you are suggestible and unable to resist, trapped in your body and very self-aware as you are commanded to obey.

I play with you as my doll within this session, yet you will also be triggered outside the session. You should be wearing your panties and pink bracelet whenever you listen to this file for a more intense experience.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, dollification, feminization, mind control. 24:07 mins. for $24.99

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