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Superior Glamour Goddess Fetish Photoset

You are so ready to see Goddess Lycia as you’ve never seen her before! In this set of high-resolution vintage glamour photos, my beauty takes you to previously unexplored realms of erotic fantasy. These images are both highly provocative and classy, captured by a skilled, professional photographer. They include visual stimulation for those who enjoy fur fetish, foot fetish, shoe fetish, glove fetish, lipstick fetish, voluptuous women fetish, blonde women fetish, and a fetish for all things sensually glamorous. It also helps if you have a thing for full, red lips on an open mouth, and a fetish for being enraptured by the beauty of a superior erotic Goddess.

Above are three tiny samples for you to obsess over until you cannot help but purchase the entire set of twenty-eight high-resolution vintage glamour fetish photos. Each individual photograph is a true masterpiece; you will undoubtedly treasure this collection. Perfect for those who love Goddess Worship and Femdom Elegance.

28 photos – 72 dpi – 2592 x 3888 pixels

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Goddesss Lycia

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 November 2014 11:42

Date: Sunday, October 26
Time: 7-9 P.M. Pacific Time

Details: Celebrity Findoms & Findom Stars wear your cutest PJ’s or most scandalously fierce HALLOWEEN COSTUMES and get ready to share your favourite images and stories of dangerously independent, individualistic and fearless women!

~> The theme of this event is “Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History”. A virtual SHOW AND TELL Halloween Edition!

Think: Rebels * Artists * Political Activists * Shockingly Outrageous Performers * Living Works of Art * Haughty Imperialistic Monarchs * Capricious Muses * and any other “Misbehaved Women” you can think of!

Here’s how: Share your favourite images and stories of dangerously independent, femininely free-thinking, scandalously misbehaved women throughout the ages. Who are YOUR favourites and WHY?

Bring your own: Pastel-frosted pastries, powdery-sugared cakes, imperialistic confections, elegant bonbons, champagne truffles, pumpkin spice lattes, spiced apple cider, candied apples, and any other festive hors d’oeuvres you simply MUST-HAVE! Let’s misbehave! It’s a party of INDULGENCE!

bring your wallets and get ready to TREAT US to our favourite gifts and goodies while you eavesdrop on our slumber party chatter! In fact, we require your interaction completely, it is YOUR job to compliment our selections and ooo and ahhh over our stories! OMG you can hardly wait!

When this event is LIVE, on October 26, join in the interactive fun by visiting us in the EVENT FORUM here in our club! You will see the event is already posted, waiting to begin, but the doors are locked until October 26 at 7 pm PST!

Last Updated on Saturday, 27 September 2014 10:29