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I am your Goddess, and you live to serve me. That’s just how it is when you are living in The True World and Thinking Correctly. Maybe you need my erotic hypnosis in order to help rewire your brain, so that you are no longer a lost soul, wandering, struggling to find Correct Thought, going from Woman to Woman and finding only temporary relief. What you need is to focus on Me. You need to be aware and present. KNOW your purpose, which is to serve and please me to the *very* best of your ability at all times. Your life will improve as a result of your service to me.

What you enjoy is what I want you to enjoy. You enjoy mind control and tease and denial, because these are my fetishes. You have a lipstick fetish because I always wear lipstick, and enjoy using it as a weapon to weaken males. You must also enjoy some degree of humiliation, because arrogance and emotional sadism are parts of my sexuality, and you want me to be sexually satisfied. You have a foot fetish and you wish desperately to be intoxicated by my foot scent. I tell you what you love. If you love it already, then that love grows stronger. I give you your fetishes. This is simply the way things are.

Everything else in your life exists only so that you can be a better slave to ME. Work, family, friends and acquaintances, hobbies and daily tasks; EVERYTHING is there only so that you can serve me better. Some of these things give you a more stable foundation from which you serve. Other things contribute to your success and wealth, because you know that I deserve successful slaves who pass their wealth onto me. The other things in your life are important, because they assist you in your goal of devoting yourself to me the best you can, in as many positive ways as you can.

Nobody else has the ability to make you feel how I make you feel. I take you to other dimensions with erotic hypnosis, humiliation, and edging. But your primary pleasure is MY pleasure. In doing things that improve my life, you feel most content. In being of service to your Goddess, you experience states of comfort and bliss. You want to live in The True World; you want to Think Correctly. It is your path and your purpose in life, and no other direction could possibly be as fulfilling. To be my slave is an honor, and you strive to be the best slave you can be.

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Penis Puppet

I have to use your hands, but it’s actually me doing the touching. How could it *not* be me, when I am the one controlling your every motion? In this guided masturbation session, I will do all kinds of fun things to your penis with my skillful, manipulative, and slightly sadistic hands. It won’t be too painful, I promise. Unless you take into consideration the fact that you will be completely DENIED an orgasm. I guess that leaving your penis throbbing and bobbing helplessly in the air after I drive it to the brink desperation is a little bit cruel. But it will feel so good when I  cause an array of erotic sensations to your genital region that you won’t really be thinking about the long-term effects that inability to release will have on your silly widdle psyche.

Includes: guided masturbation, joi, light cbt, tease and denial, orgasm denial, sensual sadism, brainwashing, light humiliation. 35:10 minutes for $34.99

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