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“Super Sexy Drippy Lippy” Fetish Photoset

These lipstick fetish photos, taken by a professional photographer, feature my naturally full lips in thirteen different colors. Some of these high-resolution photos are close-ups of my lips, and others are of my full face, framed by my gorgeous silver locks of hair. My heavy lipstick application leads my lips to literally drip with color. It’s nothing messy, just heavily-applied lip formula that leads to a singular drip, in a variety of colors ranging from nudes, to pinks, to corals, reds, and purples. These fetish photos also capture me kissing a notebook page and leaving my lip prints all over it. If you like my naturally full, perfectly-shaped lips adorned with a variety of colors, you will LOVE this fetish photoset. You will love it even more if you are into heavy application and lipstick prints.

31 photos for $29.99

Purchase NOW using the button below!


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You desperately want to EARN the brand new brainwashing MP3 featuring the voices of both me and my #BlondeBestie Diamond Diva Princess!

That’s right, we created an audio file of our voices together, commanding and brainwashing you to become our TWITTERBOT SLAVES.

This priceless audio file cannot be bought, it must be earned.

The way you earn it is by RETWEETING all that me (@GoddessLycia) and Diamond Diva Princess (@Blonde_ism) say for the next week.

Our twitter campaign starts today, Wednesday 10/21/15 and goes for ONE week.

We will pay attention to who is doing this task, and those who have pleased us are the only ones who can earn this EXCLUSIVE mind control audio file.

Follow us both on twitter and FOLLOW – OBEY – RETWEET ALL WE SAY. and

Our voices sound AMAZING together, like two magickal musical instruments. It’s OTHERWORLDLY.

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