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It’s been a while since I wrote a journal entry just for this site, so I figure it’s about time! I’ve been really delving into financial domination lately, more so than ever before. I used to consider myself a Hypnodomme and Humiliatrix who “dabbles in” financial domination. I mean, I always enjoyed it, but I didn’t consider myself a pure Financial Domme, through and through. I saw how some of my friends worked their boyz, and I just didn’t feel the drive to keep pushing. Like, I would have rather made a new Femdom hypnosis audio file and make a few grand off of people buying it than sit around with one guy and manipulate/seduce until I got a few grand from him.

But that changed! I still consider myself a Hypnodomme and Humiliatrix, but I don’t feel like making an audio file right now. I feel like digging my claws into wallets and bank accounts and extracting as much as I can within a short period of time. And I’ve been doing really well, lately. I don’t have the wherewithal to go through all my financial archives, taking screenshots of who spent what over such and such period of time. But it has been boy after boy sending tribute after tribute, buying gifts off my wishlist, and coming back for more.

I still remember my very first $50 tribute, way back when. OMG I was SO THRILLED. Someone finally just sent me $50 for no reason other than to pay tribute to the Goddess being I am. It took me like 2 years of doing phone sessions and establishing myself online before I ever got a tribute. And now, look what you boyz have done to me. Nowadays, I won’t turn down your $50, but it’s not going to impress me. I am SPOILED. If I make $500 off of a financial slave in a night, I am sort of pleased. If I make $1,000 off a guy in one night, I feel a sense of pride. But it is taking more and more to get me excited. And the more I take, the more I WANT.

I guess I just want to say how much fun I’ve been having with financial domination. It really is an exciting fetish. If you are a submissive male with some money, and you’re feeling kinda bored with your life, I really recommend getting your wallet drained. And I have to give a shout out to my two Femdom besties, who are also the most skilled Financial Dommes online, Mz Devon and Capitalistic Blonde. If you aren’t spending on me, then spend on them. And in case you need a reminder, my primary websites are: and

I encourage you to take your time exploring my websites. Learn about me, buy some audio files and video files. Get to know me. And once you begin to feel the addiction, contact me and ask how you might serve me better. And for those of you who are already addicted to me, well it will only get stronger. Addiction inevitably becomes irrevocable enslavement *kiss*

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Lots of love,

Goddess Lycia

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I tweeted today the following:

I expect to be placed on a pedestal, to be treated as a Goddess, by any and all men who are to be a significant part of my life. In case there was ever a question. It’s just how I am. And I know there are more than enough men who want to treat me as such.

Of course, we all know I am on online Domme, and that I create erotic material for submissive males, suggesting they submit to me, adore me, serve me, and even worship me. I do phone sessions on the same topics. Some of you may know that I also have been involved in my local kink scenes ever since I was of age. I’ve had submissives serve me in person, and have had one long-term relationship with a real time collared slave.

Over the years, I’ve swayed back and forth when it comes to how I’ve labeled myself, and how I’ve identified my sexuality. My likes and dislikes are generally in flux; after all, we are always changing. But I have come to realize that whether I am into men, women, or both, whether I am monogamous or polyamorous, and whether I am topping or bottoming in a kink scene, I am a Femdom Goddess, and demand to be treated as such.

This doesn’t mean I hate men, or see all men as inferior, or that I expect one-sided service and devotion in my relations with all men. I am just as capable of putting a loved one on a pedestal as I am of being placed on one. I can be very giving, most especially with my passion, affection, sexuality, and friendship. But above all, I will NOT allow myself to become intimate with a man who does not constantly treat me like I am one of the most beautiful, amazing people who has ever entered his life, and that he has such immense gratitude for my presence in his life that he never ceases to find new ways to please and honor me.

That is the only type of man I care to hold on to. The rest can find women who are content with being treated as if they are anything less than pure, unexplainable magick.

I am the one who leads the relationship. I make the rules. Yes, your opinion matters, and is taken into consideration, but my word is final. And if you want me close to you, because what I offer is so beautiful you know how badly it would suck to be without me, then you will do what’s best for us all: follow my lead, keep me on my pedestal, and treat me as a Goddess. Want me with the burning desire of a thousand men, because there are at least that many who would jump at the chance to touch me.

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