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Red Lipstick and Creamy Gloss USED by THE Lipstick Domme, Goddess Lycia

It’s the moment all lipstick fetishists and Goddess Lycia fans have been waiting for: an auction for my USED lipstick and lip gloss! I used both in my most recent lipstick fetish video, “Glossy Kissies.” And I almost decided NOT to auction this DELECTABLE pair, as I love them both SO MUCH. This is also my first auction in over THREE YEARS. And in that three years I have become even more of a LEGENDARY Hypnodomme, Humiliatrix, and Lipstick Fetish QUEEN. Just below is an animated gif of me from my “Glossy Kissies” fetish clip, in in which you can see me using both the lipstick and gloss.

The colors are: Napoleon Perdis Devine Goddess Lipstick in “Aphrodite,” and Fredericks of Hollywood Dollicious Lip Gloss in “Shine’s Up.” And you will be receiving them very GOOEY and very USED. I have used the red lipstick, especially, at least fifty times, including in other fetish videos such as “Cum 2 My Lips,” and out to events and on dates. And I made a BIG mess with both the lipstick and gloss for my most recent lipstick fetish videos, some of which are no longer available. These tubes have been pressed HARD against my lips, inserted into my mouth, sucked on, licked, and spread all over my perfect pout. You NEED to own them!

Here is a pic of me right after I made “Glossy Kissies.”

Here is a pic of the actual products the winner will receive (Click the image to view in SUPER high definition)

Whoever wins these treasures is SO lucky! I am excited to see you bid HARD for my worn, used lippy products!!! Make me proud, bitches.


~Serious Bidders Only~
Auction runs for 7 days only.
Starting bid must be at least $10.
Bids are in increments of $5.
Buy them now for $350.
Add $10 for shipping within the USA, $25 for shipping internationally.


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Adorable Little Pathetic Penis

This humiliation audio session is based on a request from an admirer:

I think it would be super hot if you made a combo sph/tease and denial recording where you tease and tickle my adorable little penis while you laugh about how small it is and talk about how much you love to be fucked by big cocks and how you love to taunt and tease my cute little wee wee without ever letting me cum. After all, it only makes sense that if little penises can’t make women cum, they shouldn’t be able to cum either. Maybe even lock me up in chastity at the end as punishment for having such a useless penis.

In the beginning of the clip, tell me how you (and girls in general) love little penises because they’re so cute and how you love to play with them. Make it seem (without actually saying so) like I might get some sort of release. You tell me to take off my underwear and show you my penis, and when I do you start giggling and telling me how cute and little it is. You’re so excited about seeing it and playing with it that I’m convinced that you must want to at least give me a blowjob,  but as the clip progresses it becomes clear that you only love my little wee wee because it amuses you endlessly. You think it’s so funny when my itty bitty penis gets all excited and you love denying me and keeping me on edge. You treat it like an adorable little pet, lightly giving it kissies and petting it and tickling and teasing it, maybe giving it an occasional lick if I’m a good boy. Lots of “tickle, tickle, tickle” on my little guy. 

You pretend to be sympathetic to my need to come (“aww, poor baby”) but then you just giggle and tell me that my tiny penis isn’t allowed any orgasms because it is unable to provide orgasms to women. I complain and beg but you respond by telling me that I should be a good boy and appreciate that you even give me kissies and tickles and licks, threatening to stop if I complain too much. As you tickle and tease me you talk about the pleasure I would be able to experience if I had a big cock, explaining in detail how women love sucking and fucking big, thick cocks and how much they crave having their pussies filled completely. You talk about all the hot, sexy girls I would be able to fuck if I had a big cock, and how those sexy girls think little penises like mine are just cute little pets to be teased, taunted, and denied. Near the end of the clip, you lock me up in chastity to make sure that I’m unable to masturbate before our next tease session.

Includes: small penis humiliation, humiliation, tease and denial, edging, tickling, laughing, cutesie talk, condescending Mistress, mock sympathy, mind fucking, chastity. 30:23 mins. for $29.99

Listen to sample HERE.

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