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Your Goddess is very, very, VERY excited for these new mindfuck training files to be an active part of your daily life.

They turned out amazing as always with my crystal clear & sultry voice… one that makes it so hard to even fathom refusing my orders.



COCK FIEND :  13:31 Mins

I’m going to be very transparent with you right now. The sole purpose of this file is to retrain your brain and have you become just like it’s name… a cock fiend. When this perverted transition is successful I will be unapologetically proud of what I have done.


CUM FIEND :  8:21 Mins

I’ve made this cum fiend training program for one reason alone – to reprogram your mind to lust for cum… Not a little bit of cum… Not just a few rounds of cum spilling on the wknds… no… that’s far too simple.. I want you totally driven to push out as much cum as you can daily…religiously. Milk yourself for your Goddess Mz Devon.




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Monday, October 24
Time: 6:30-8:30 P.M. Pacific Time

Details: Celebrity Findoms & Findom Stars wear your most excellent PJ’s or totally tubular Halloween Costumes and get ready to share your choice 1980’s images, movies, music, slang, and fashion faux pas!

The theme of this event is “Totally 80’s”. No duh, it’s a total virtual SHOW AND TELL Halloween Edition! Like, totally RAD, right?! Cheeuh!

Get ready to BUST A MOVE because featured at this primo party will be our own cold Celebrity Domme DJ spinning mega clutch tunage. Crucial!

Here’s how: Share your most righteous images and bangin’ bodacious stories of 1980’s flair and fun! Who and what are YOUR faves and WHY?

Bring your own: Jawbreakers, Cool Ranch Doritos, Pop Rocks, Fanta, Twinkies, Jello Shots, Reeses Pieces, Blowpops, Wine Coolers, Capri Sun, Seagrams, Gobstoppers, and any other gnarly grindage you simply MUST-HAVE! Let’s par-tayyyyy dudes, betties, and bimbettes! This jam is going to be so bomb, it’s totally minticated!

FANS/ACOLYTES/SLAVES don’t be grody, bring your wallets and hand over that fatty cash stack. Dude, don’t be lame and bogart that cha-ching, we are totally juicin’ that credit card and taking it to the MAX! Get ready to TREAT US to mint gifts and goodies while you eavesdrop on our slumber party chatter! In fact, we require your interaction completely, it is YOUR job to compliment our selections and ooo and ahhh over our stories! OMG cheeuh like NO DUH you can hardly wait!

When this event is LIVE, on October 24, join in the interactive fun by visiting us in the EVENT FORUM in our club! You will see the event is already posted, waiting to begin, but the doors are locked until October 24 at 6:30 pm PST!

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