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TIME TO GET EXCITED, BOYZ! Actively Serve! Follow and Obey!

Here are the rules for the newest Global Domination Campaign for THE Blonde Rinsers!

  1. Buy some stickers or a t-shirt featuring the legendary blonde findommes, Goddess Lycia and Capitalistic Blonde. The stickers and shirts are for sale at our Cafe Press shop >
  2. Either wear the shirt in public and take a pic, or stick a sticker somewhere public and take a pic of where you put it
  3. Send your pics to

Serving us by spreading the word is a reward for you in and of itself. However, if you PLEASE us, you will have your pic posted on a NEW page at our website, How cool would it be to see your service to us acknowledged at our domain! Just thinking about it gets you buzzing!

Additionally, there will be an EXTRA reward for three lucky campaign participants. There will be rewards for:

  1. Most daring/potentially lucrative place to put our sticker
  2. The most unique place to put our sticker
  3. For pics of you wearing our t-shirt, there will be a random draw

There is SO MUCH OPPORTUNITY HERE FOR ALL OF US. The Universe is Expanding With Possibility!

This campaign will probably run more than once, but the first run of it starts RIGHT NOW, on 4/18/16 and will go for FIVE WEEKS (ending 5/25/16). So you need to order your stuff NOW and complete the task if you wish to PLEASE us and potentially be rewarded for being a good worker bee for Les Blondes Fatales!

This challenge is already causing your adrenaline levels to rise; you definitely want to take part in our Global Domination Programs at all times!


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Wet Dream

Do you find the sound of rain to be relaxing? During this erotic hypnosis session, Goddess Lycia will enchant and entrance you during a soothing, sensual rainstorm, and cause you to fall asleep for the night. While you are asleep, you will also have a wet dream (a sexual dream which will cause you to actually ejaculate in your sleep).

The contents of your wet dream will be based on your personal fantasies, desires, fetishes, and turn-ons, so you can’t go wrong! You can fall asleep easily and have an amazing wet dream that revolves around your fetishes each time you listen to this erotic hypnosis file.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, sleep hypnosis, wet dream hypnosis. 32:46 mins. for $34.99

Listen to sample HERE.

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