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Horny Bimbo Hypno

This is an erotic hypnosis audio file that will turn you into a horny female bimbo for the duration of this session. Your body will be transformed into that of a bimbo Barbie, with large, fake breasts and blonde hair. While you are in bimbo mode, you will be very blank, very sexually aroused, and extremely suggestible. You will feel euphoric; high like you are on a drug, because you will be so completely and blissfully dumb. All you will know is the horniness I bring to you, and your need to obey everything I say. Your free will is taken away, and you become a mindless masturbator who desperately needs to cum, but who requires my permission in order to do so. This file will addict you to the feeling of being bimbofied, and you will need to loop bimbo hypnosis files over and over again whenever you want to feel the same euphoric high.

Includes: bimbo hypnosis, bimbofication hypnosis, bimboization, bimbo transformation, bimbo fetish, bimbo mind control, blonde bimbo, breast expansion, femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, feminization hypnosis, horny slut humiliation, tease and denial. 27:42 mins. for $34.99

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