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The only place you may purchase the latest audio files for now is via Niteflirt using the links below. I don’t even have them added to my actual listings yet. I’ve been very sick the last few weeks and will not be updating any of the web stores I’m affiliated with until last next week when I get my energy back.

Now, sit back, relinquish all control and enjoy as I embed myself in your mind yet again. Click, pay, then OBSESS!




Our Future Together – BUY NOW!

I’m so sick of you begging me to let you be my boyfriend… sick to death. But the thing is I do love everything you give me. So, I’ve decided how we can do this, how we can have a future together. I bought you something.. its in this box.. open it. I have a little contract too… you need to put your present on immediately then sign my contract.  Show me how much you trust me….

Flufferface – BUY NOW!

Cock sucking makes you drip doesn’t it? Don’t even try to deny that. You cant get wet for the idea of cock and deny yourself the taste of it on your tongue. That would be silly. I’m here to help you service us hot women by prepping our men. That face of yours, nothing but a fucktoy for our men… thank us cocksucker. Thank us forever for THIS honor.

The Money Pig’s Reality – BUY NOW!

This isn’t just about being obsessed with taking your money. I’m better than you. Humiliating you financially keeps you running back to MY world. Any brief acknowledgment has you dripping like a fool in heat. I’m a greedy bitch it’s a know fact, but the reality of my money pigs is what you’re here to learn about.



Fingered Feet – BUY NOW!

Obsess over my feet as I ponder to myself what I love more… teasing my gorgeous size 9 feet, fingering them nice and slow or knowing you’re over there watching… hard and ready to burst. You know you couldn’t last one pump between these sexy toes… not that you’d ever be given the chance.



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